Caregivers deserve appreciation for providing care and support that helps people with disabilities to pursue goals and lead a purposeful and happy life. They are often at the forefront when it comes to the advocacy of disability rights.

Classy Life is a registered NDIS service provider that has been developing customised positive behaviour support plans under the supervision of competent professionals.

Classy Life can provide customised personal care support around the clock in the home environment of your choice. Contact us today and we can help you decide on a customised SIL plan that suits your needs.

Complex health care needs are constant companions in the lives of people with disabilities. This means that differently-abled individuals often require consistent and intense
health care support daily.

People with disabilities fight against a lot of odds to overcome various disability
barriers and build a life for themselves where they have choice and control over their way of

People with disabilities often are at greater risk for complex health problems and
therefore require proper care and support from qualified professionals. Usually, the
complexity arises from having more than one disability or having a disability in combination
with other serious health conditions.

Living independently is a dream that’s often put on hold by people with disabilities
due to their high care needs and lack of proper disability support. Supported Independent
Living (SIL) is one of the many home and living support options available to NDIS
participants that allows them to live independently like others and pursue a living option that
makes them happy and boosts their morale.

Moving out of the home of their parents and living in a place on their own is often a distant dream for a lot of differently-abled individuals. That’s because the provision of care and support that they need to move out from the safety and protection provided by their loved ones is often lacking

Challenging behaviours or behaviours of concern are often exhibited by people with severe disabilities as a response to their needs not being met or certain environmental factors.

Adolescence is an important phase in our lives where we go through significant changes in terms of physical, cognitive and mental developments.

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