Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC)

Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC) in New South Wales is a vital service that provides overnight respite care or behaviour support for children away from their usual home for three or more nights in a seven-day period. This service, which can be either a one- off emergency placement or part of a longer-term care strategy, is subject to rigorous regulatory frameworks to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children. The regulation of SSRC in NSW falls under the Child Safe Scheme, guided by the Children’s Guardian Act 2019 and Children’s Guardian Regulation 2022. This regulatory framework mandates that all providers of SSRC adhere to established codes of practice and Child Safe Standards. These standards are designed to ensure that every child in care receives protection and support.

SSRC providers in New South Wales are organisations that offer specialised substitute residential care and provide safe and regulated care environments for children. The Office of the Children’s Guardian plays a crucial role in monitoring and overseeing SSRC providers. This includes ensuring compliance with the Child Safe Standards and the specific code of practice for SSRC. Providers must undergo a self-assessment to demonstrate their adherence to these standards, and they are required to register placements on the SSRC Register. This register helps in tracking the care durations and ensuring that children do not remain in substitute care without proper oversight and case planning. Another crucial element in the safe operation of SSRC services is the Working With Children Check, which is a mandatory requirement for anyone working or volunteering in child-related work in NSW. This check is part of the broader strategy to ensure that all individuals involved in the care of children are appropriately vetted and qualified to provide a safe environment for children.

SSRC encompasses various care settings, including group homes, respite services, hotels, Airbnb accommodations, and host family arrangements. It is not just limited to long-term placements but also includes short-term accommodation through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and overnight stays that are part of a broader care strategy. The aim is to provide flexible, responsive care that can adapt to the needs of children and their families, ensuring that each child receives the support they need in a safe, nurturing environment.

Classy Life is at the forefront of providing Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC) services, offering a compassionate and secure environment for children needing out-of-home care. With a wide range of tailored care options, Classy Life ensures that each child’s unique needs are met with the utmost attention and sensitivity. Contact us today to know more. SSRC Services available in Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney

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