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What does Mental Health recovery mean in the NDIS context?

The first and foremost fact we need to understand is that recovery is a unique and personal experience, which means, it can be defined better by the individual experiencing it. In the NDIS context, personal recovery is different from clinical recovery and health outcomes. For a person living with a Psychosocial disability, recovery could mean an overall improvement in the quality of their life and optimized capabilities in terms of their emotional and physical well-being.
NDIA adopts the World Health organisation’s definition of recovery in its policies which is that; “For many people recovery is about regaining control of their identity and life, having hope for their life, and living a life that has meaning for them whether that be through work, relationships, spirituality, community engagement or some or all of these.” The NDIS mental health support focuses on implementing practices centred on the lived experiences of individuals living with Psychosocial disabilities and their carers. The attempt is to support the participants in their journey of recovery and to encourage them in their social and economic participation in the community.

The participants could be coming from different social groups and hence it is important to understand what each of them is seeking from the NDIS. Their strengths, challenges and aspirations need to be understood to help them make the most out of NDIS. It is counterproductive for the NDIS Mental health support to stay isolated from the mainstream mental health services which can be clinical or community-based support. To facilitate the participants’ journey to recovery and NDIS seeks to coordinate across a range of supports outside the NDIS.

At Classy Life, we ensure that all our supporting staff are trauma-informed and culturally sensitive and that our supports are family and carer inclusive. Unlike other conditions which receive NDIS Support, Psychosocial disabilities can have triggering episodes which require timely responses. Our services and staff are equipped to provide you with safe and suitable support according to your needs. Contact us to know more about Classy Life’s NDIS Mental Health Services.

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