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How Community Participation Can Help You Live a Better Life

People with disabilities can benefit positively from active community participation. Increased participation in the community whether it is social or recreational will help them to build confidence and to become more independent. It provides them with opportunities to develop their skills, meet new people and even improve their economic participation.
Assistance with Social and Community Participation is a support category funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) so that the participants can access the help they need to safely take part in social and recreational activities.

Community Participation can include activities like visiting close friends and family, pursuing certain hobbies, playing sports, going out for social events or joining a class to learn a skill. While the participants are expected to cover the cost of the activities, their NDIS fund can be used to access the assistance they need to engage in those activities. Participants can hire a trained support worker who will help them to travel and provide the necessary support required for accessibility and safe participation. Some people may need specialised equipment to partake in certain activities and the NDIS will bear the cost of that under Assistance with Social and Community Participation if it is found to be ‘reasonable and necessary.’ Community Participation promotes independence and increased social interaction among the participants which will help them to pursue their NDIS goals and reduce the need for certain supports in future.

Participating in community events and activities is an excellent way to discover yourself. It will help you with personal development and strengthen your bond with other people. Classy Life can help you achieve that by connecting you with trained support workers who will be by your side at all times to support you. We are a registered NDIS service provider based in NSW. Contact us today to find out how community participation can help you to improve the quality of your life.

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