People with disabilities experience social isolation and stigmatisation from society more than able individuals. They often shy away from participating in community activities because of various disability barriers. These barriers to accessibility prevent them from becoming active and contributing members of society.

Receiving proper care from qualified professionals is crucial to improving the functional capacity and well-being of differently-abled individuals. People with disabilities have complex health care needs and if the NDIS is found to be the suitable body to finance those supports, participants will receive the funding to access them.

Living with a disability impacts all aspects of the life of an individual. As a result of
one’s disability, many significant physical and emotional changes happen to a person and
those govern every personal decision.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the Australian government’s
nationwide scheme for helping people with disabilities cover their disability-related
expenditures. The financial support is directly provided to eligible participants by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Having a disability does not mean that a person is incapable of achieving success in life. It is often the perception of others and biases held against disability that creates obstacles in the path of differently-abled individuals.

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Home and living are one of the most significant goals pursued by the NDIS
participants. But independent living is often a distant dream for people with disabilities due to
the lack of support and prejudice from society.

Disabilities that arise from the mental health issues of an individual are termed psychosocial disabilities. People with psychosocial disabilities are often misunderstood and marginalised.

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Time away from the comfortable care environment of one’s home is an unimaginable prospect for a large majority of people with disabilities. But sometimes we need a break in our usual routines to try new things in life.

One of the primary goals of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is the social integration of people with disabilities. Through funded supports and services, the NDIS fulfils the disability needs of the participants so that they can work towards their goals and become active members of society. Various capacity-building supports are in place to build the confidence of differently-abled individuals and their ability to take care of themselves without relying on others completely

Home and living options available for people with disabilities are very limited due to
various barriers like inaccessible environment, lack of proper support, unavailability of a house that meets their needs etc.

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