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We are a team of Registered Nurses, Clinicians and highly trained disability support workers who specialise in 24/7 support for people with complex needs, including people with acute health complications, forensic-level psychosocial disability and/or people with challenging behaviours.

We work with clients, families and guardians to assemble the highest quality team that meet your specific needs and preferences.

Our range of services include but are not limited to personal and emergency care, day to day assistance, meal preparation, mobility assistance, community engagement and more. Whatever it is that our clients are seeking, we listen and understand them first and provide solutions accordingly, wherever they require us to be, whether at their home or at our centres.

Specialist support programs are tantamount to the daily care services we provide. They include behavioural and psychological counselling, community and societal activities, kids developmental seminars and workshops. Our goal is that you get the maximum utilization of your NDIS benefits

What We Offer

Some of the many ways We can help you.

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At ClassyLife we acknowledge Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of this nation. We acknowledges the ancestors that walked these lands for many generations before us and who have left a legacy of strong cultural, wisdom and knowledge. We pay respect to the elders who have gone before us. We recognise all Indigenous people and their contribution to our people and community and empower our youth who are our hope for a brighter and stronger future and who will be our future leaders.