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NDIS Community Participation Service

NDIS Community participation support in NSW is all about enabling people with disabilities to live a meaningful life in their living world.

Disability shouldn’t hold you back from going out of your home and engaging with society the way you want. Through the NDIS Community Participation Support, Classylife can help you to actively engage in the community and build independence skills.

We work together with you and your family to understand your goals and preferences. Your skills and interests will be identified and we will help you take part in the related activities. Whether you are interested in attending a camp, getting together with your friends, attending an event in your local community, learning a new skill, volunteering or holidaying, our team will provide you with assistance.

Our supporting staff can make enquiries on your behalf to confirm that the events you are attending are safe and accessible. We can also arrange group activities for you along with other participants. Supporting staff to accompany and transport assistance will be provided as required.

In the case you are interested in finding a job we can organize training or coaching for you to develop relevant skills. We could also identify programmes that could increase your employment options. Our supporting staff could help you in social media engagement and reconnecting with your friends.

Community participation which comes under NDIS core support services enables you to engage in community, social and recreational activities. Core supports help you with everyday activities including your involvement in social gatherings, group sessions and other daily activities. You can access our NDIS Community Participation Services in and around New South Wales, particularly in Central Coast, Hunter New England, Orange, New Castle and Wagga Wagga.

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