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How can you benefit from NDIS Social and Community Participation Support?

Community engagement is necessary for a healthy life however, individuals with disabilities may find opportunities for social and economic participation in society few and far between. This is where NDIS comes in with the Social and Community Participation Support for the participants. NDIA funds this support to enable participants to take on an active role in their local community and thereby empowering them to pursue their goals.

The benefits of Community Participation

The flexibility of the support makes it possible for the participant to use it in a way that meets their needs. Community participation will help you build relationships in the community and it will also open fresh avenues to learn new skills and explore various opportunities. Interacting with people and partaking in different activities will help you challenge yourself and improve your confidence and socializing skills. Community Participation doesn’t look the same in all NDIS plans as it is an individual-centred support. As the needs and preferences of the participant change, the social and recreational activities included in the package will also vary. NDIS plan could include funding to access activities under both Core and Capacity Building Supports. It could be anything like

 going to your local library
 joining a netball team
 joining a club
 meeting up with friends
 going to a cinema
 doing a craft class
 getting work experience
 volunteering in an animal shelter.

If your interests change over time, then you can always talk to your service provider and try something new. What makes Classy Life different from other providers?

An NDIS Provider registered to provide you with Social and Community Participation in and around NSW, we keep our conduct transparent and respectful with our participants and their families. Classy Life follows a participant-first policy to ensure the safety and comfort of the individual and to assist in helping them improve their quality of life. Contact our team to know more about NDIS Social and Community Participation services.

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