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Importance of Community Participation in People with Disabilities

One of the primary goals of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is the social integration of people with disabilities. Through funded supports and services, the NDIS fulfils the disability needs of the participants so that they can work towards their goals and become active members of society. Various capacity-building supports are in place to build the confidence of differently-abled individuals and their ability to take care of themselves without relying on others completely. Similarly, the NDIS participants also have the opportunity to participate in several community activities and increase their social engagement with the help of Core supports. It helps to boost their morale as well as develop their skills to socialise with other people.

Community Participation comes under the Core Supports budget of the participant’s NDIS plan. It is the most flexible budget category and you have more control over the funding as it can be moved around between four support categories that are included as Core Supports. For example, when the participant becomes more confident about handling their daily activities, the funds allocated for that can be reduced and put towards community participation or consumables. Increased social and community participation will help with the emotional and social development of the participant. It will enable them to build stronger relationships and widen their social circle. The NDIS will fund the cost of a support worker who will accompany the participant to various community events or recreational activities to attend to their disability-related needs.

An isolated life can create mental health issues like anxiety and depression among differently-abled individuals. Hence, it is important to engage in community participation. Registered NDIS service providers like Classy Life are mindful of employing efficient and empathetic staff who will assist the participants at every step of the way while attending these events and activities. Contact us today to know more about our services.know more about our services.

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