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Your Home, Your Choice: NDIS and Individualised Living Options

An important step in being independent in life is when you make choices regarding your living arrangements. Individualised Living Options (ILO) is an NDIS support that enables participants to choose where they live and with whom they live. It also involves the support that the participants will require in their new home environment. The role of ILO providers is crucial in the lives of NDIS participants as it is a support that significantly improves their social participation, economic participation, self-reliance and freedom.

The first phase in finding a suitable setup for the participant is called the “Exploration and Design” stage. During this time, the ILO provider will work with the candidates to assess their needs, strengths, capabilities and goals. The provider analyses and evaluates whether ILO is the best option for the participant or whether some other options will suit them better.

All the possibilities are measured, risks are calculated, options are explored and finally, choices are made regarding the living arrangement and package of supports.

The decisions are made by the participants themselves and the ILO providers are just there to guide them. Once those decisions are made, an ILO service proposal is developed for the NDIA to show the needs of the candidate, the supports that they need and an approximation of the money
involved. The second stage in the process is called “Supports” and here the ILO providers will help the participant find housemates, ensure a smooth transition into the new arrangement, make modifications in the plan as required and organise everything including
the ILO support package.

Classy Life is an NDIS service provider based in NSW who can help you unravel the complicated procedures involved in finding a new home arrangement and related supports. You can have a one on one meeting with us and discuss your needs and requirements. Contact us today and find out whether ILO is the best option for you or not.

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