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Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of NDIS Short-Term Accommodation Provider

A Short-Term Accommodation (STA) or Respite Service Provider delivers essential support and services for those participants who want to take a short break from their normal routine and wishes to stay somewhere away from home for a brief period. The NDIS will bear the cost of their care including food, accommodation, capacity-building activities and other important support that the participant needs. Apart from helping the participants to pursue new things and build new skills, STA service also provides respite for the regular carers of the participant by giving them a break from their usual care duties.

The primary responsibility of the STA provideris to deliver the necessary support for the participant at the respite lodging safely and efficiently. They have to arrange clean and well-maintained accommodations for the participants to stay in. Short-Term Accommodation is usually a shared support where the participant will have to share their lodging and supports with other participants. Depending upon the disability needs of the participant, the STA providers may sometimes have to provide individual support as well. Providers should also arrange for activities that build the skills of the participant, with their consent and approval which best aligns with their NDIS goals.

If the participant wants to pursue something new like a social or recreational activity, the STA providers can assist the participants in accessing those during the respite period. Providers should also respect the independence and autonomy of the participants at all times.

Classy Life is a registered NDIS STA service provider and we focus on providing a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for the participants, and ensuring that they have the necessary care and support while they are living away from home. Our support workers will assist you during the entire span of your respite stay and help with all your disability-related needs. Contact us today to know more.

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