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The Role of Assistance Animals, Including Dog Guides in Providing Disability Support

The companionship of an animal can have a therapeutic effect on our lives. Though
they have a profound impact on our well-being and sometimes provide disability support to individuals, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) only funds assistance animals and does not allocate funds for pets or companion animals. In most instances, dog guides are used as assistance animals. This support is only funded if it is directly related to the participant’s disability and meets the NDIS funding criteria. The animal must also fulfil the NDIS definition of an assistance animal. This support can only be accessed from a registered assistance animal provider.

Assistance animals are different from normal pets as they have received training to
help the participants. The animal should possess the ability to perform a minimum of three tasks that the participant is unable to carry out due to their disability to be qualified as an assistance animal. This includes activities that an animal wouldn’t typically do such as picking up stuff from the floor, guiding the participants to move, opening doors for the participants and much more. In order to access the services of an assistance animal, the participant needs to clear the suitability assessment.

The participant’s capability to handle the animal and the level of benefit an assistance animal brings to the participant are assessed here. Additionally, the animal must successfully pass a Public Access Test, which serves to confirm its appropriate training and the effectiveness of its services.

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