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Small Steps to Independence with SIL Accommodation in NSW

Home and living options available for people with disabilities are very limited due to various barriers like inaccessible environment, lack of proper support, unavailability of a house that meets their needs etc. This results in continued reliance on family members for personal care and never learning to become independent. Young people with disabilities who have turned 18 hesitate to move out of their parents’ place dreading the possibility of having to fend for themselves without proper support. Supported Independent Living (SIL) is NDIS funded support that helps differently-abled individuals to become independent by sharing accommodation with people who have similar support needs.

When it comes to Supported Independent Living (SIL), the participant has the freedom to choose their housemates. They have the option to share their support with another NDIS participant that they already know or move into shared housing arranged by their service provider with a new group of people. Registered NDIS service providers like Classy Life focus on providing customised supports that are specifically designed for each participant. It includes assistance with daily tasks,

medication management, help with household management as well as guidance with household budgeting, overnight assistance and support for going outside to participate in community activities. The day-to-day living costs of the participants like rent, utilities, cost of groceries or holiday travel expenses are not covered under this support. Slowly over time, the participant will gain the confidence that they can live independently in a home if they receive the necessary support. This could also encourage them to chase new things in life like pursuing education and employment opportunities.

Everyone aspires to live independently without being co-dependent on their families. Supported Independent Living is one of the many living options available under the NDIS that helps you fulfil that wish. Contact us today to see whether SIL is the best option to help you achieve your NDIS goals.

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