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Right Way to Manage Your Medication

Living with disabilities can be associated with various health issues. Usually, people with disabilities requires continuous medication management support. This support is crucial as it requires appropriately trained support staff who understands the risks involved. Community Nursing Care is the NDIS support under which participants can access medication management.

Medication management is an important support that is high risk and demands a lot of responsibility from the service provider. To understand its complexity, it is important to distinguish between support and administration of medication. Support is when the NDIS participant directly asks the service provider worker or the care staff for a specific medicine in a specific amount to be handed over to them. There the staff is not making any decisions; they are simply providing physical support. But medication administration is when the staff is making decisions regarding the medicine to be given. For example, if the NDIS participant asks the care worker to give them their morning medication without specifying anything, then the care worker has to go over the participant’s medication information, find the right medicine from the pillbox and give it to them. There the care worker is making a lot of decisions that involve risk as well as responsibility. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the care workers and other staff are highly trained and competent. They must be familiar with all the NDIS guidelines and standards laid down by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Classy Life is an NDIS service provider based in New South Wales and we provide high-quality nursing care services in consultation with your health practitioners to ensure that your medicine is properly administered. This is a service that calls for a lot of trust between the participant and service provider and we promise you that we will live up to your faith in us. Our services are available in the cities of New Castle, Orange and Central Coast.

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