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Restoring Resilience with NDIS Respite Support Care

Time away from the comfortable care environment of one’s home is an unimaginable prospect for a large majority of people with disabilities. But sometimes we need a break in our usual routines to try new things in life. Short Term Accommodation, including respite, is an NDIS support that helps you to stay somewhere outside your home for a brief time. You can utilise this support if your usual carers and informal supports are not available for a short period. The break from the caring responsibilities can restore resilience and energy in your caregivers and help them come back even stronger.

To access Respite Support Care, the participants must meet the NDIS funding criteria such as the support should be ‘reasonable and necessary’ for them to pursue their goals and it should help them become active participants in the community. The participant’s need for Short Term Accommodation must arise from the issues related to their disability and not because of crises unrelated to their disability condition. Other criteria that the NDIS consider while making decisions about STA with respite is whether it is ‘value for money.’ The NDIS will assess the number of people with whom the participant can share their support and how Respite Support Care will help them in the long run. Classy Life is a registered NDIS service provider that can arrange respite accommodation all around New South Wales. Supports are also provided in the home environment so that it creates a respite effect for the usual carers.

Respite Support Care is an NDIS support that helps strengthen the resolve of both the carer and the participant. Once an individual is eligible for the Respite Support, their care, accommodation, food and support for social activities will be taken care of by the NDIS. Contact us today to know whether Short Term Accommodation, including respite, is what you need to reach your goals or not.

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