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Plan Reassessment is Crucial to an NDIS Plan. Learn Why!

All NDIS plans come with a plan reassessment date. It is included in the NDIS plan to check whether any changes are needed in the plan for it to continue working well for the participant. But the participant can request a reassessment of their NDIS plan even before the stipulated date. A person’s disability needs can vary over time. This can happen when there are life-altering changes like starting a job or moving into a new home. Sometimes there can be new developments in the way that a disability is impacting a person’s life. All this can lead to changing disability support needs of the participant which calls for plan reassessment.

Apart from changing personal circumstances, participants’ dissatisfaction with any NDIS decisions regarding their plan or funding can also lead to plan reassessment. While preparing for their plan reassessment meeting, the participants will get the opportunity to think about the supports that worked well for them and the ones that didn’t work for them. Participants can also discuss adding new goals and the support that they may need to pursue those goals during the reassessment meeting. Plan reassessments are an important part of the NDIS plan because it is the process which keeps the plan and the related support relevant to the current disability needs of the participants. It makes sure that the NDIS supports in the participant’s plan is beneficial to them.

Classy Life understands the crucial role of plan reassessment in addressing the changing disability needs of a participant. We can help you prepare for your plan reassessment meeting and assist you in accessing support and services that suit your changed life circumstances and disability needs. Contact us today to know more about the services that we offer as a registered NDIS service provider.

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