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NDIS and Employment Goals: Benefits of Volunteering for Individuals with Disabilities

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports people with disabilities in various ways to pursue their employment goals. During the planning meeting, the prospective participants can discuss their employment goals. The NDIS planner or their Local Area Coordinator (LAC) can guide the participants and encourage them to set certain employment goals in their NDIS plan. Gaining employment will provide the participants with the financial freedom that they need to live independently. Individuals with disabilities face many barriers when it comes to seeking a job. For those who find themselves with zero experience in the job market, volunteering is a great step towards getting job ready.

Volunteering involves undertaking unpaid tasks but it can provide the participants
with the skills that they need to perform well in their future jobs. It also helps the participants to connect with their communities and expand their social network. It is always recommended that the participants discuss their interest in volunteering with their Local Area Coordinators (LAC)to explore the opportunities in their locality. Through Assistance with Social and Community Participation, participants can also access help from NDIS support workers to take part in various volunteering activities. With the right kind of support, participants can actively participate in their communities through volunteering. It will help them develop personal as well as professional relationships while making a positive impact in their communities.

Classy Life can guide the participants regarding their employment goals, enhancing work-related skills and accessing volunteering opportunities in their area. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and build social relationships. Our competent support workers will be always by your side to address your disability-related needs and help you develop your work capacity. They will make it as convenient and comfortable for you to participate as a volunteer in activities of your choice. Contact us today to know more about volunteering as an NDIS participant.

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