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Navigating Supported Independent Living in Sydney: Finding the Right Provider

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds several supports that enhance the independence, social participation and overall quality of life for people with disabilities. Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a service that provides the necessary support to individuals with disabilities to live on their own while maintaining their independence. Living independently is an important milestone in the life of any person but it may seem like a daunting task for people with higher disability support needs. Supported Independent Living helps such individuals to fulfil their goal of independent living by providing them with constant and reliable support.

Through Supported Independent Living (SIL), NDIS participants with higher support needs will be able to access assistance from NDIS support workers who will help them with their daily living activities and disability-related support needs. Apart from providing help with personal care, household chores and other daily activities, SIL support workers also focus on building the capabilities of a participant to live independently. A SIL service provider can help the SIL participants to connect with efficient support workers. Engaging in a conversation with the SIL provider is crucial for the participant to discuss how they want to utilise their SIL funding. Participants must ensure that their preferences are clearly stated and incorporated into their service agreement with the provider. Participants can either reach out to their support coordinator or use the Provider Finder tool given on the NDIS website to connect with registered SIL service providers.


Classy Life can help you access the benefits of NDIS Supported Independent Living services. We are a registered NDIS SIL service provider who can help you achieve your independent living goals through personalised SIL support plans. We have SIL vacancies available in Sydney and other major cities in Australia. Contact us today to know more about our support and services.

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