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Learning to Love Your Mind: Tackling Mental Health as Teenagers

Adolescence is an important phase in our lives where we go through significant changes in terms of physical, cognitive and mental developments. It is a formative period during which an individual needs extra care and support to grow into a healthy adult. According to the World Health Organization, half of all the mental health problems that we face as adults emerge by the age of 14. Hence, it is important to detect mental and emotional health challenges including various mental health disabilities among teenagers as soon as possible. Government disability support initiatives like the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are instrumental in providing the right kind of treatment and detecting the early onset of psychosocial disabilities.

The teenage years are challenging for all individuals and when you throw disability into the mix of problems that the adolescents face, they become even more vulnerable. The
United Nations have identified young people with disabilities as one of the most marginalised and poorest among the world’s youth. Even though the mental health support that one receives under the NDIS is not a substitute for any clinical treatments, it can significantly improve the mental health of teenagers and reduce the risk of depression and other emotional and mental health challenges. Services of psychosocial recovery coaches are available under the NDIS who will not only spend time with the participants but also help them navigate the NDIS system. Psychosocial recovery coaches are NDIS funded workers with mental health knowledge and hence, they will bring positivity and purpose to the life of these teens.

The NDIS mental health support in New South Wales can be accessed by the participants with the help of various service providers. Classy Life is a registered NDIS service provider and we deliver premium disability services for differently-abled individuals. We have a team of qualified experts who have years of experience under their belt in nursing and disability care. Contact us today and we will bring visible changes to the quality of your life through our support and services.

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