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Impact of Community Participation in the Lives of People with Disabilities

Community Participation involves creating opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in activities that promote their well-being and integrate them into their communities. It can help people with disabilities to expand their social network, boost their confidence and develop necessary life skills. Participating in social and community activities also includes interacting with people who share similar interests and engaging in your favourite activities. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) encourages community participation of people with disabilities through the Core Support item called Assistance with Social & Community Participation.

Assistance with Social & Community Participation is an NDIS-funded support through which participants can access the assistance of a support worker to engage in community activities of their choice. Participants can choose activities that they enjoy doing which can have the added benefit of boosting their self-confidence and helping them make progress towards their NDIS goals. Depending on the NDIS plan and the disability needs of the participant, access to transport and assistive technology that may help the participant engage in community activities could be funded by the NDIS. Support options available for community participation differ from person to person. Participants can talk to their Local Area Coordinator, NDIS planner, Service Provider, Support Coordinator, Psychosocial Recovery Coach or friends and family to know more about Social & Community Participation.

Classy Life believes that Social and Community Participation is important in promoting the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities in mainstream society. We are a registered NDIS service provider who can connect the participants with trained and competent support staff which will make the road to Community Participation easier and more comfortable. If you have any queries regarding the NDIS or Assistance with Social & Community Participation, do reach out to us.

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