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From Catheter Care to Wound Management:How to Benefit from NDIS Community Nursing Care

Personalized care plans are important in taking care of differently-abled individuals. Each patient is different and their disabilities, as well as abilities, significantly vary. Caring for the needs of such people requires patience and empathy. NDIS community nursing care acknowledges the individuality of each participant and formulates plans according to that. Classy Life is an NDIS service provider that offers Community nursing care in NSW . The team of registered nurses and nursing assistants at your service are trained to be culturally sensitive and professional.

As part of NDIS disability support, the participants can seek help with the daily management of their medication, complex wound care, and complex bowel care. Administration of subcutaneous injections and catheter care at home is provided with utmost diligence. Enteral (Naso-Gastric Tube – Jejunum or Duodenum) feeding and management are other services one can avail of under community nursing care. Strict covid-19 protocols are followed at all times to ensure the participant’s safety.

Excellent nursing care can be provided only when there is a balance between compassion and competence. The nursing care that you or your loved one receives will be regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure quality. We map your growth carefully and if needed, make necessary changes in the care that you receive. Nursing care services can be customized for you after consulting with your doctor and medical professionals for optimum benefit. Proper care will ease your journey towards the goals that were laid down on your NDIS plan. Community nursing care workers give great importance to hygiene and meticulously take care of all your needs.

Our services are available in and around New South Wales, particularly on Central Coast, Hunter New England, Orange, and Wagga Wagga.

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