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Fight the Stigma: NDIS Psychosocial Disability Services in NSW

Disabilities that arise from the mental health issues of an individual are termed psychosocial disabilities. People with psychosocial disabilities are often misunderstood and marginalised. The stigma surrounding mental health conditions leads to social exclusion and discrimination against those individuals. Having a psychosocial disability impacts the functional and cognitive capabilities of a person and creates barriers for them from being a part of mainstream society. Government-funded disability support services like the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) have helped people with psychosocial disabilities to overcome various disability barriers and improve their mental well-being.

The mental health support from the NDIS mainly focuses on the impact of the mental health issues on the functional capacity of the participant. Psychosocial disabilities can affect the mobility, stamina, social involvement and self-management capabilities of a person. Hence, capacity-building supports are available to help the participants become independent. Services of NDIS support workers can also be accessed for assistance with daily activities. Classy Life also provide Positive Behaviour Support for participants struggling with complex behaviour because of their psychosocial disability. It is another NDIS-funded support that helps them manage their emotions and live a purposeful and goal-oriented life. We have a well-trained team of staff who are efficient in managing self-harm tendencies, aggression, violence, depression and other mental health issues and challenging behaviours.

However, NDIS supports are not a substitute for community mental health services or clinical treatments. Registered NDIS service providers likeNDIS services that can help you manage your life with a psychosocial disability.

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