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Explore Your Home and Living Options NDIS Supported Independent Living

Living independently is a dream that’s often put on hold by people with disabilities due to their high care needs and lack of proper disability support. NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL) is one of the many home and living support options available to NDIS participants that allows them to live independently like others and pursue a living option that makes them happy and boosts their morale.

Supported Independent Living refers to the funded support that helps NDIS participants with higher support needs to pay for support workers who do various daily tasks around the home including cooking, cleaning and personal care. Thus, the participants have the option to explore various living situations without worrying about the disability barriers that come with managing a household and living independently. Supported Independent Living can be availed when you live alone as well as when you live with other NDIS participants. The rent of the house and other expenses like groceries are not funded under this support.
Classy Life is a registered NDIS service provider and we can create a document called a ‘roaster of care’ for you that will illustrate how much support you need during the week. It will help you to figure out the funds you need to cover it and once you are satisfied with it, you can sign a service agreement and access your SIL funding.

Supported Independent Living is the apt support for you if you are above 18 and apprehensive about exploring home and living options because you are a person who requires intense care and supports seven days a week. Contact us today and we will help you figure out the supports that you will require to make your SIL experience pleasant and stress-free.

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