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Equal Treatment, Equal Access: Embracing Your Abilities with NDIS

People with disabilities fight against a lot of odds to overcome various disability barriers and build a life for themselves where they have choice and control over their way of
living. According to myriad studies conducted over the years on the quality of life predictors, differently-abled individuals experience more restrictions when it comes to social activities and community participation. Meagre social involvement, stigma and discrimination that they experience from society as well as secondary health complications that arise from their disabilities are all factors contributing to this.

Disability support systems like the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) have the power to empower people with disabilities and ensure a better quality of life for them. NDIS opens up new avenues that highlight and support an individual’s abilities rather than their disabilities. NDIS planning conversations usually involve setting goals for oneself.
Though these goals are not directly linked to the participant’s NDIS funding, the support accessed through NDIS can help them pursue a path that they were unable to follow because of various disability barriers. NDIS funded supports like High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities, Positive Behaviour Support, SIL & Respite Care and various Home and Living Options will help people with disabilities develop their capacity for self-care, self- management, independent living and social participation over time.

They will slowly recognise their abilities and find ways to nurture them which in turn will drastically improve their quality of life. Having a registered NDIS service provider like Classy Life by your side and sitting down with our team for an in-depth discussion regarding your NDIS goals, aspirations and health care needs is a good place to start your self-improvement journey.

NDIS ensures equal treatment and equal access for people with disabilities and thereby provide them with the much-needed support that can turn their life around for the better. Hence, there is an undeniable role played by the NDIS in improving the quality of life of differently-abled individuals. Contact us today to start your NDIS journey.

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