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Disability and Complex Health Needs: NDIS High-Intensity Daily Personal Support

People with disabilities often are at greater risk for complex health problems and therefore require proper care and support from qualified professionals. Usually, the complexity arises from having more than one disability or having a disability in combination with other serious health conditions. Complex health needs can also lead to challenging
behaviour in people such as physical/verbal aggression and self-harming tendencies. Hence, the carers need to possess immense empathy, persistence, quick decision making as well as risk management skills.

Differently-abled individuals with complex and multiple health care needs can access high-intensity daily personal activities support from the NDIS to avail the services of
qualified and competent professionals who will help provide them functional assistance around the clock. This includes ventilation, complex bowel care, managing diabetes, catheter care, stoma care, pressure care and complex wound management etc. The skills and competence of the carers are crucial in delivering high-intensity daily personal support.
Unprecedented situations can arise and the professionals will have to handle them quickly and efficiently. Classy Life is a registered NDIS service provider that provides high-intensity daily personal support in and around the cities of New South Wales. We employ highly trained professionals who are equipped to handle everything from seizures to CPR
administration. Progress of the NDIS participant is constantly supervised and revised as we believe that there is always room for improvement.

Hiring competent professionals to take care of your complex health care needs will not only improve your physical well-being but can significantly boost your morale as well.
You can receive professional care in the comfort of your home or any other environment of your choice. We abide by all the NDIS practice standards laid down by the Quality and Safeguards Commission. Contact us today and we will help you design a custom care plan and connect you with qualified and competent care providers.

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