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Collaboration and Care: How NDIS Community Nursing Enhances Support Plans

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives with tailored support plans. At the heart of these plans lies a crucial element that often goes unnoticed – NDIS Community nursing. Collaboration between NDIS support workers and nurses plays a pivotal role in enhancing support plans and ensuring holistic care that addresses both medical and non-medical needs. In the NDIS framework, registered nurses possess the capability to train and delegate specific disability- related health support tasks to qualified support workers or enrolled nurses. This is called ‘delegation and supervision of care’ in the NDIS context. This process ensures that the NDIS participants receive the right support from the most qualified person.

Incorporating Community nursing into the participant’s support plans signifies the commitment of NDIS to providing holistic and individualised care for people with disabilities.

This process allows trained individuals to directly provide disability-related health support, enhancing the efficiency of care delivery while maintaining a high standard. The registered nurse retains ultimate responsibility for the care provided even when tasks are delegated. Before delegating a task, the registered nurse ensures that the designated person is
adequately trained and competent. They also commit to direct and indirect supervision,ensuring the quality and safety of the care being provided.

Not all disability-related health support tasks can be delegated. The decision is made by the registered nurse based on your individual needs, the complexity of tasks, and any associated risks. If you are eligible, the NDIS will allocate sufficient funds in your plan to enable a registered nurse to create comprehensive health assessments, develop and update care plans as necessary, deliver training sessions to support workers, conduct assessments in diverse locations like schools or workplaces when necessary, and provide ongoing supervision.

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