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Care, Compassion, Competence: NDIS Community Nursing Care

Nursing care is an essential disability-related health support that can significantly improve the quality of life for many differently-abled individuals. The Australian health system is the primary source of access with regards to health care services for all citizens irrespective of the fact that they have a disability or not. But if a person needs to manage a health condition that arises because of their disability, NDIS may fund disability-related health supports to help them manage that condition. NDIS Community Nursing Care is one such disability support that provides nursing services to NDIS participants according to their individual needs and the complexity of the tasks at hand.

People with disabilities often require intricate and specialised services when it comes to their health care needs. It includes help with the daily management of their medication, administration of subcutaneous injections, assistance with their feeding tube, catheter care, wound management and complex bowel care. These are tasks that demand certain expertise and competencies from the care provider.

Only a suitably qualified and trained practitioner like a Registered Nurse can provide these supports. Registered Nurses hired under your NDIS plan can help you carry out a health assessment and conduct supervision. They can help you create a nursing care plan and even delegate tasks to your carers and other support workers if your health needs are consistent. Nursing services should be provided in consultation with your medical practitioner/s to achieve the best results.

Classy Life is anNDIS service provider based in New South Wales. We are a team of Registered Nurses and Clinicians with several years of experience in the medical field. Our knowledge and skills are reflected in all the care services that we offer. Contact us today to find out more about Community Nursing care and other NDIS Disability services.

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