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Break the Mould: Finding Your Purpose in Life with NDIS

Having a disability does not mean that a person is incapable of achieving success in life. It is often the perception of others and biases held against disability that creates obstacles in the path of differently-abled individuals. With constant discouragement and odds to live a normal life stacked against them, people with disabilities are confined to a certain societal mould where they are forced to compromise on their dreams. But with the advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the disability care system and the attitude toward disability have undergone tremendous transformation in Australia.

A notable example among people who fulfilled their dreams and achieved success in life is a former wheelchair basketballer who later started pursuing powerlifting. The support provided by the NDIS is of the main reasons behind his achievements. He was able to plan, manage, and participate in competitive sports and live the lifestyle he wants because of the assistive devices and home aids as well as his NDIS-funded wheelchair, which is specifically constructed to resist significant weight. Now this incredible athlete is hoping to win a medal for Australia at the next Commonwealth Games. This story stands testimonial to the fact that disability is not an obstacle to success if the person has the right support system.

Registered NDIS service providers like Classy Life have helped transform the lives of many Australian citizens with significant disabilities.  Classy Life can guide the NDIS participants in the right direction, assist the participants in figuring out their goals in life and thereby help them lead a purposeful and happier life.

Living life with a disability is tough but we are stronger than we think. With fortitude and perseverance, it is possible to achieve success even when the odds are against you. Contact us today to start pursuing the life that you have always wanted live.

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