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Be Unapologetically You with NDIS Positive Behaviour Support

Challenging behaviours or behaviours of concern are often exhibited by people with severe disabilities as a response to their needs not being met or certain environmental factors.

Usually, such behaviours negatively impact the lives of differently-abled individuals and their loved ones. It prevents those suffering from challenging behaviours to build healthy relationships with others. But it is important to remember that there is always a reason behind challenging conduct.  Behaviour Support is an evidence-backed method of managing complex behaviours by identifying and eliminating the factors that trigger aggressive responses.
The NDIS Positive Behaviour Support is an alternative way of addressing behaviours of concerns that used to be controlled with restrictive practices that often violated the human rights of people with disabilities. Restrictive practices are any method that was adopted to control the freedom of movement of the differently-abled individual like overdosing them with medications, physically restraining them and even isolating them from others through confinement. Certain regulated restrictive practices still exist in Australia but they are strictly monitored by the NDIS Commission, used as a last resort and carried out under the supervision of qualified behaviour support practitioners.

Classy Life is a registered NDIS service provider based in NSW and we believe in the power of well-designed Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) plans rather than adopting unpleasant restrictive practices. PBS is a preventive approach and it teaches the NDIS participants to regulate better communicate their needs and develop strategies that help them replace the challenging
behaviour with emotional regulation.

Not being able to connect with others and express themselves freely because of reasons that are of no fault of their own will shatter the confidence of people with severe disabilities. Positive Behaviour Support is a way out of that seclusion and the stepping stone toward building lasting friendships and improved behaviours. Contact us today to find out more details about including Positive Behaviour Support in your NDIS plan.

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