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A Step Towards Inclusivity: NDIS Funded Wound and Pressure Care Supports

Disability inclusiveness in the health sector is a topic that is not discussed or debated enough by countries around the world. Disability is not a homogenous condition and there are various unseen facets when it comes to the healthcare needs of differently-abled individuals.

Most of the time, NDIS Community Nursing Care people with disabilities may need help with managing their health conditions as their disability hinders them from doing it on their own. In such situations where you have a condition that is taking a long time to resolve and is directly related to your disability, you may be eligible for health-related disability support from NDIS. An excellent example of this is the wound and pressure care NDIS supports funded by the Australian government.

People with limited mobility are at a greater risk of developing chronic wounds that may take a significant amount of time to heal. If left untreated, it can cripple your health and well-being.

Since pressure sores and chronic wounds are largely found among paraplegic individuals and they need continuous and stable support during the healing process, it qualifies as ‘reasonable and necessary’ support. Usually, wound assessment by a competent professional is carried out and a detailed wound care plan needs to be designed. This is a support that comes with a lot of complicated eligibility requirements as you need to prove
that your wound is chronic and related to your disability.

In that case, an NDIS provider like Classy Life might be your best choice since our team mainly consists of Registered Nurses and Clinicians who have years of experience in complex wound management. Our services can be accessed in all major New South Wales cities including Central Coast, Hunter, New England, Orange, and Wagga Wagga. Contact us today and we can help you design a wound care plan that best suits your needs.

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