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A Path built on Purpose and Perseverance: Becoming a Registered NDIS Provider

Service providers play an important role in delivering services and support to differently-abled individuals benefitting from the scheme of NDIS. Being one of the primary points of contact for the NDIS participants, they must meet several requirements and quality checks to be able to maintain their provider status. Some NDIS providers are registered with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission while some others are unregistered.

There are many benefits to becoming a registered NDIS provider as it shows your commitment and dedication towards delivering quality and safe services for the customers. Registered providers are even allowed to manage participants whose funding is managed by the NDIA. Registered providers can access the latest information, tools and various resources from the NDIS to improve their services and staff training. The first step to becoming a registered NDIS provider is to submit your application to the NDIS Commission. Then you will undergo an audit to prove that you comply with NDIS practice standards, code of conduct and all the other requirements. Then the NDIS Commission will assess your eligibility and will inform you about their decision. If you pass all the quality checks and meet the requirements, then you will receive the Certificate of Registration that needs to be renewed as specified by the Commission. The journey to becoming a registered provider is not easy as it requires determination and purpose.

Classy Life is a registered NDIS provider offering services in the New South Wales regions. Being a registered provider means that all our workers are screened through the new national worker screening process and we have an in-house complaints management and resolution system for the NDIS participants to make their grievances known. Our registered status means that we need to notify the NDIS Commission of any reportable incidents. Contact us today to know more about our NDIS services.

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