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Managing Complex Health Care Needs: NDIS High-Intensity Daily Personal Support

Disability needs vary from person to person. Thus the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) adopts a participant-centric approach to disability care where NDIS plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of each person with a disability. While some participants may be able to achieve their goals with minimal support, others may need some extra help.

Many participants in the NDIS need high-intensity support because of their complex healthcare needs. Those participants can access the assistance of support workers with extra training and expertise pertinent to their complex needs through their service providers.

Providers registered for High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities can help the participants with Complex Bowel Care, Enteral Feeding and Management, Catheter Care, Pressure Care and Wound Management, Stoma Care, and administering Subcutaneous Injections. High-intensity support is also provided for participants prone to high risk of seizures and those who need help with managing their diabetes. Since this is a support which demands skill, knowledge, and competency, it is important to choose good providers who will connect you with trained and capable support workers. For example, a support worker who is assisting a participant who has seizures must have relevant knowledge about the risk factors, various triggers and how to administrate medication in case of emergencies. High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities is a support that should be delivered with utmost care and accountability.

Classy Life provides 24/7 High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities support for participants who need immediate assistance with their complex healthcare needs. We offer safe and reliable support in a variety of settings in addition to the participant’s home. As a registered NDIS service provider in NSW, Newcastle, Central Coast, we comply with all the guidelines laid down by the NDIS Commission to ensure quality services for our participants. Contact us today to know more

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